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The Hymn Tune Index is available in two editions: this web version, which is free, and in four volumes by Oxford University Press. Users of this website may purchase the latter for $450, a $100 discount off the regular price. For a description see OUP(UK) or OUP(USA).

Comparison of Printed and Web Editions of the Hymn Tune Index

 Printed EditionWeb Edition
Number of sources indexed1744
(plus 800 'subordinates' with content identical to indexed sources)
(plus 810 'subordinates' with content identical to indexed sources)
Sources accessible byCompiler
Date of publication
Place of intended use
Publishers, printers, engravers and sellers
Source code
Source code
Tunes accessible byComposer
Metre (for unusual metres only)
Musical incipit
Text (first two lines)
Text code
Tune code
Tune name
Musical incipit
Text (first two lines)
Text code
Tune code
Tune name
Amount of tune includedFirst two lines for most tunes, with complete tunes available as a free download from websiteComplete tune
Other featuresEssay: The state of research
Historical introduction
Technical introduction
Include subordinate sources in citation listing
Optionally search only citations not in the printed edition
Settings of a given hymn in chronological order
Cost$450 with discountFree

Contents of the printed edition

Volume 1: Introduction and Sources

  • Preface (v–vii)
  • Contents (ix–x)
  • List of tables in this volume (xi)
  • Abbreviations (xiii–xviii)
  • The state of research (1–4)