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4° [etc.]quarto [etc.]
AA major
apublished in North America
aA minor
adv.advertised (in)
ATBalto, tenor, and bass
attr.attributed (to)
BB major
bunfigured instrumental bass
bB minor
BentonI. Benton, Ignace Pleyel: A Thematic Catalogu (New York, 1977)
BLCBritish Library, Catalogue of Printed Books
BUCBritish Union-Catalogue of Early Music
BuntingE. Bunting, Ancient Irish Music, vol. I (London, [1796])
CBritton, Lowens, and Crawford, American Sacred Music Imprints (Worcester, Mass., 1991)
CC major
Cmicrocard of source
cC minor
c.circa (= approximately)
ClarkK. C. Clark, ‘Bibliography of Handbooks and Companions to Hymnals’, The Hymn, 30-31
comp.compiler, compiled (by)
CowanW. Cowan, ‘Bibliography of the Book of Common Order’, Edinburgh Bibl. Soc.Papers, 10 (1913), 71–98
CPMBritish Library, Catalogue of Printed Music
CrawH.A. Craw, ‘Works of J. L. Dussek’, Ph.D. diss., University of Southern California, 1964
DD major
Ddown one octave (see p. 99)
dD minor
d.penny, pence
DAHDictionary of American Hymnology
DaweD. Dawe, Organists of the City of London (n.p., 1983)
DKLDas deutsche Kirchenlied: Kritische Gesamtausgabe der Melodien
EE. Evans, American Bibliography
EE major
epublished in England or Wales
eE minor
ECSTCEighteenth-Century Short Title Catalogue
ed.editor, edition, edited (by)
eds.editors, editions
ent. Sta. Hallentered at Stationers’ Hall
FF major
Fmicrofilm of source
ffigured bass
fF minor
f.leaf, highest-numbered leaf
fl.floruit (= was active)
FosterJ. Foster, Index Ecclesiasticus, 1800–40 (Oxford, 1890)
FrostM. Frost, English & Scottish Psalm & Hymn Tunes (London, 1953)
GG major
Gglossy photographic prints of source
gguitar part
gG minor
GiazottoR. Giazotto, Viotti (Milan, 1954): Thematic Catalogue, pp. 289–368
GregorC. Gregor, Choral-Buch (Leipzig, 1784, repr. London & Toronto, 1984)
hharpsichord part (fully written out)
hin the Hymn Tune Index office
HansellS. Hansell, Works for Solo Voice of J. A. Hasse (Detroit, 1968)
HEKGHandbuch zum Evangelischen Kirchengesangbuch, III/1–2 (Göttingen, 1970, 1990)
Hob.A. van Hoboken, Joseph Haydn: Werkverzeichnis, 3 vol. (Mainz, 1957–78)
HTIHymn Tune Index
HWVW. and M. Eisen, Händel-Handbuch, 4 vols. (Kassel, 1974–86)
iinstrumental part(s) (non-keyboard)
ipublished in Ireland
IGIInternational Genealogical Index (database)
JulianJ. Julian, A Dictionary of Hymnology. 2nd ed. (London, 1907).
K.L. von Köchel, Verzeichnis sämtlicher Tonwerke W. A. Mozarts. 6th ed. (Wiesbaden, 1964)
kkeyboard part (fully written out)
LeaverR. Leaver, ‘Goostly Psalmes’ (Oxford, 1991)
LoveJ. Love, Scottish Church Music (Edinburgh, 1897)
LowensI. Lowens, ‘The Easy Instructor’, in Lowens, Music and Musicians in Early America (New York, 1929)
min the University of Illinois Music Library
MarxMarx, Überliefung der Werke Corellis
n.footnote publisher or place of publication stated
New GroveNew Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (London, 1980)
NTIK. van Winkle Keller and C. Rabson, The National Tune Index (microfiche, New York, 1980)
NUCNational Union Catalog: Pre-1956 Imprints (London and Chicago, 1968–81)
Ooriginal copy of source
oorgan part (fully written out)
opublished in a region other than the British Isles and North America
OCLCOnline Computer Library Center (database)
ppiano part (fully written out), highest-numbered page
PatrickM. Patrick, Four Centuries of Scottish Psalmody (London, 1949)
PaymerM. E. Paymer, Pergolesi: Thematic Catalogue (New York, 1977)
PidouxP. Pidoux, Le Psautier huguenot, 2 vols. (Basle, 1962)
pub.publisher, published (by)
Rfacsimile reprint edition of source
rrecto (= on the front side of a leaf)
rin the Rare Book Room, University of Illinois
RepositoryAckermann, The Repository of Arts
Rev.The Reverend
RISMRépertoire international des sources musicales
RLINResearch Libraries Information Network (database)
RogersK. Rogers, An Index to Frost’s ‘English & Scottish Psalm Tunes’ (Ann Arbor, 1967)
spublished in Scotland
sin the Main Library stacks, University of Illinois
SATBsoprano, alto, tenor, and bass
sc.scilicet(= or rather)
ShawW. Shaw, The Succession of Organists (Oxford, 1991)
ShoemakerR. H. Shoemaker, Checklist of American Imprints for 1820 (Metuchen, N.J., 1964)
SmithW. C. Smith, Bibliography of John Walsh, 1695–1720 (London, 1948)
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STCShort-Title Catalogue, 1475–1640, 2nd edn. (London, 1986, 1976, 1991)
TN. Temperley, The Music of the English Parish Church (Cambridge, 1979)
tin the personal library of Nicholas Temperley
TBtenor and bass
trans.translated (by)
Ukey undetermined, major mode
udown one octave (see p. 99)
ukey undetermined, minor mode
vverso (= on the reverse side of a leaf)
VennJ. & J. A. Venn,Alumni Cantabrigienses (Cambridge, 1922, 1940)
WeinmannA. Weinmann, Themen-Verzeichnis J. B. Wanhal, 2 vols. (Vienna, 1897)
WingD. Wing, Short-Title Catalogue, 1641–1700, 2nd ed. (New York, 1972–88)
WolfeR. J. Wolfe, Secular Music in America (New York, 1964)
WoO‘Werk ohne Opuszahl’ in G. Kinsky, rev. H. Halm, Das Werk Beethovens (Munich, 1955)
Xxerographic photocopy of source
x[tune] migrates from one voice part to another
ZahnJ. Zahn, Die Melodien der deutschen evangelischen Kirchenlieder, 6 vols. (Gütersloh, 1888–93)
ZimmermanF. B. Zimmerman, Henry Purcell: Analytical Catalogue (London, 1963)