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Funding: National Endowment for the Humanities, University of Illinois

Associate editor of index: Charles G. Manns

Indexing assistants: Aaron Appelstein, Janet Steele Buckle, Margo Chaney, Dale Cockrell, Julie Crawley, Valerie Woodring Goertzen, Richard Green, Joseph Herl, David Hunter, Anne Minko, Esther Rothenbusch, Dalyne Shinneman, Ann Silverberg, Hal Simmons, James G. Smith.

Database design: Joseph Herl

Interface design: Joseph Herl, David Zeiders, Ali Banihashem

Programmers: Ali Banihashem, George Chaltas, Jehng-Jung Kao, David Zeiders

Tutorial design: Chad Peiper

Assistance with 2001 database revision: Sally Drage, Sue Glover, Raymond Massey, Helen Mitcham, Berkley Moore, Elizabeth Walker, Stephen Weston, Karen Willard

Assistance with 2006 database revision: Sally Drage, Sue Glover, Joseph Herl, Peter Horton, Stacey Jocoy Houch, Thomas B. Malone, Helen Mitcham, David Welch, the staff of Dr. Williams’s Library (London)

Assistance with database transfer to Library: Nuala A. Koetter, Gayle Sherwood Magee, Beth Sandore, John Wagstaff, John Weible, Brad Young, David Zeiders

Planning of extension of HTI beyond 1820: Stephen Banfield, Esther Crookshank, Sally Drage, Joseph Herl, Michael Hicks, Peter Holman, Fang-Lan Hsieh, Kenneth Hull, Allen Lott, Gayle Sherwood Magee, David Music, Ryan Ross, John Wagstaff, David Welch, John Witvliet, Anne Yardley, Bennet Zon